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Larry and April Olsen are the owners of Olsen’s Air Cooled VW, a local air cooled Volkswagen parts and repair shop in Tampa,  FL. The family has been in business for over 50 years in the heart of Tampa under the founder Bob Olsen who first opened shop in 1972.

Larry was trained in automotive repair through years of hands on training with the shop and through his service in the U.S. Army. He’s a walking encyclopedia of all things air cooled VW, and an avid collector of some amazing examples of Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 vehicles.

When it comes to providing expert automotive repair services, nothing takes the place of experience. April, an experienced mechanic and parts expert, joined her father after he became the owner, and their approach to customer experience is to make you feel as a part of the family too!

One of Olsen’s Air Cooled VW’s  goals is to provide their clients with professional, high quality, and affordable services. People often choose Olsen’s Air Cooled VW for automotive repair because of the promise to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of part type, repair size or difficulty. They’ve had customers bring in vehicles from all over the US because of their commitment and reliability.

What do their customers think?

One fan of the company publicly wrote, “This is a shop/store dedicated to restoring, fixing and selling parts for all types of Volkswagens. Larry and April are very knowledgeable, super friendly and really good with customers. If you have a vintage Volkswagen bus or beetle, this is the place you want to visit in Tampa. I promise you won’t regret it.”

Another fan of the Olsen’s Air Cooled VW wrote, “Went to Olsen’s for the first time this week to pick up a part for my 1965 Bug. First of all, the place looks like it would be the ultimate VW shop/parts source. It is a great old building built in the 1920s. I met both Larry, the owner, and April his daughter. It is a family run place. Larry and I started to briefly talk about our military lives; it was a great conversation. It was like we served together, even though he is a Vietnam VET and I am an Afghanistan VET. The beauty of being veterans. We called each other “Brother” and “Charlie Mike-d.” Nice to know that there is another reliable VW spot in Tampa.”.

Need specialized air cooled Volkswagen automotive repair service? Give Olsen’s Air Cooled VW a visit at 4902 N Florida Ave, Tampa or call at (813) 238-4226.

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